sexta-feira, setembro 18, 2009

Best proposal ever!
In The New Adventures of Old Christine S4E1

I’m not a poet or romantic and I may not have the all right what do you call it? …Words...! But I love you, and if I have to wait to marry you until I can blow you away with the romantic proposal you’re looking for, well then I may never get to marry you and I really, really so much wanna marry you. And if you do marry me I promise you this: I will love you and I will show you I love you every day. And all the ideas might not be my own but I will steal from every sexy movie you have ever seen and we will do it until you’re making sounds that only dogs can hear.


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bicho do mato disse...

MUITO, MUITO BOM! Até eu fiquei com contade de roubar estas palavrinhas para dar um dia a alguem. :)